September 20, 2016

Cloud Solutions

Protocol96 | Cloud Solutions

Protocol96 Cloud Solutions enable our business partners to integrate their infrastructure or applications at public, private, in hybrid cloud configurations. Resulting in the ability to rapidly deploy instances, or add/remove resources as required by the environment (with little or no manual intervention).

Cloud computing is a model of enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a pools of shared network resources. Those resources can be servers, storage, load-balancers, UTM/Firewalls or other virtualized infrastructure elements.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

  • Waste reduction and improved ROI
  • Custom SLAs that meet business requirements
  • “Green” initiative compliance
  • Remote and speedy deployment of applications and services
  • Flexible, scalable, robust platforms
  • Fixed IT costs (capital to operational expenses)

Increased Focus on Business

Automation, including the ability to rapidly deploy instances, or add/remove resources as required by the environment, will take the focus of IT resources for your staff. This will free your team(s) to focus on the core business objectives.

Cloud Solutions Options

  • Choose the right infrastructure at the right time
  • Infrastructure scalability based on usage, control and costs
  • Costs based on usage not capacity
  • Infrastructure phased implementation based on needs – fixed/defined costs
  • Per transaction fees based on volume of inbound calls to sales, customer service teams or number of e-transactions

There are many cloud service providers out there, and we primarily support and manage servers for the following:

  • Red Hat Openstack Platform
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Rackspace OpenCloud
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

On-Demand Deployment

Depending on your plan with your service provider, and the needs of your applications, we can configure your systems to expand and contract based on need. That can be driven by resource needs (CPU/RAM/HDD), or application needs usually dictated by the monitoring and management systems in place. These types of configurations can ensure the best experience for your customers or developers as they utilize your cloud resources

Secure Connectivity

With cloud based services, security is a huge concern. We ensure that your connection(s) from your office site or physical location to your cloud services are secure. Our staff can also ensure that the connectivity within your cloud services is secure (ie. between an application server and its accompanying database server). We perform these services based on the latest security and encryption offered by the cloud service provider, or from with the infrastructure and/or operating systems.

Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Support

Our staff has experience supporting all types of cloud structures including public (as above), private, and hybrid. Private cloud implementations are done within an existing or new infrastructure on leased or owned hardware and can be configured to perform just like public cloud services. We also support hybrid cloud structures, where there may be internal infrastructure or even private cloud that replicates or includes elements of public cloud services.

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